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About Anna

As a spiritual healer and psychic adviser, I live a life that is integrity connected and led by spirit. I believe that I was blessed with this gift for a reason, and that is to help people reconnect to the truest form of themselves—their spirit.


Do you feel like you have ‘lost your way’ or don’t understand why ‘nothing good ever happens to you’? Often times I find that my clients are looking outward, rather than inward. Let me help you find the answers to your questions by first healing yourself from within.

Spiritual Healing Services

A Spiritual Healing may be for you if you feel:


  • Lost, blocked, or without purpose

  • Stressed and angry without understanding why

  • Apathetic, depressed, or sad

  • Lack of work/life balance

  • Unappreciated

Call Anna to learn more about out which Spiritual Healing is best for you.

Career & Finance

Life Purpose and Direction

Marriage, Love, & Relationships

Psychic Readings

Many of my clients also come to me to discover answers about their past, present, and future through my psychic energy readings. As a psychic adviser with over 20 years of experience, I have helped many people find immediate answers in the areas of love, relationships, marriage, finance, and career, and life purpose.  

A Psychic Reading may be for you if you want to know:


  • What is he/she is thinking or feeling?

  • Who is my soulmate?

  • Which career path is best for me?

  • What does my future hold?


Call today for your personalized psychic reading!

What is Your Truth? 

Who are you? Why are you here? What does your future hold?


“When I came to Anna, I was just looking for answers, but after having read for me, she was able to tap into something much greater. I can say that the work Anna has done with me has been life changing and truly transformational. I have grown in ways I never thought possible. Her true gift is more than just being able to channel energy, it’s her ability to help you change your life by reconnecting with your true spirit. I cannot recommend her enough.”

Cam Jean 1/12/18

“The level of service at Anna Psychic Reader is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed. Thank you!”

Amber 01/16/2016

I appreciated the details! I can’t wait to come again! :)

Jane 12/01/2015

 “In this day and age, it’s hard to find a psychic you can trust. Anna was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”

Claudia 12/09/2015

“My daughter and I recently experienced a reading with Anna. It was without a doubt the best reading I have ever had, the clarity and content was so accurate. The validation I was looking for came through so precisely and with such specific content, it left no doubt in my mind that she is gifted.”

Joan, 6/3/2012

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