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Connecting with Spirit Through A Psychic Adviser

connecting with spirit for a psychic reading
How does a psychic adviser connect with you spirit to help guide you down a path towards your greatest potential?

A key aspect of being a psychic adviser is the ability to tap into that inner voice that seems to whisper hidden knowledge into our minds. This little voice, often referred to as intuition, is messages coming from our spirit. Your spirit is your soul, your true and higher self and when you connect with it, you begin to feel a larger connection with the Universe. In this alignment, you spirit is able to send you messages in many different forms: vibrations, emotions, energies, and sometimes even words and pictures. When you are tuned in enough to hear—and react to—these messages, your spirit will guide you down a path towards your greatest potential.

As a psychic adviser, I tap into these energies, both from my own spirit and that of my clients’, to help communicate and interpret these messages. In truth we all have psychic abilities; the only difference between a “psychic” and others is that psychics are simply more “in-tune” with the energies, vibrations, and messages that are being communicated. Connecting with your spirit is much like tuning the station on a radio. It is always emitting information; we just have to learn how to tune into its frequency. Though we cannot “see” it, it is always there and never leaves us. Sometimes, our spirit’s messages are so intense, that it breaks through to our consciousness in the form of intuition, a “gut feeling”, or signaling the hairs on the back of our necks to stand up. You know when this happens, it’s inexplicable, but somehow you just know something is wrong or right.

You can also find your spirit in the now moment. You will hear it in sounds that surround you when your analytical mind quiets, or you will feel it in your physical body. Your spirit exists in the stillness of thought, and the quietness of the now. When you live a spirit-led life, a huge burden is lifted from your shoulders because you understand that your spirit will always take care of you and lead you down the right path. All you have to do is pay attention to the clues and messages that are so desperately trying reach you.

Individuals who are connected to their spirit are always learning; they allow everything and everyone to be their teacher or coach and are open minded to accepting knowledge from others. If you are someone who is ready to start living a spirit-led life, contact me today to set up a psychic reading over phone or in person.


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