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Psychic Energy, Vibration, and the Law of Attraction

law of attraction - Like energies attracting like energies
Everything is energy. Like energies attract like energies. What type of energy are you attracting?

Everything is energy--it cannot be created or destroyed and is the basis for all existence. The body itself is electric before it is chemical. Before your heart can beat or your brain can formulate a thought, there must be a "spark" of energy. So where does it come from?

Energy is all around us from the smallest of cells and DNA to the vastness of the Universe and all of its galaxies. Whether we know it or not, we as humans are interacting with each other and our surroundings on an energetic and vibrational level. The energetic frequency in which we emit, attracts similar vibrations into your experiences, such as people, experiences, opportunities, accidents, and so on. Think of it like a tuning fork--as demonstrated in the video below by Anthony Holland, associate professor of music at Skidmore College--when you tap a tuning fork, it emits a vibration that creates sound and the second tuning for begins to resonate at the same frequency without ever being touched!

Anthony Holland demonstrating how Skidmore College is

using resonate frequencies to shatter cancer.

So how does all this relate to you as someone looking for answers to your love life, career, and future, and me as a psychic adviser? In many ways, a "psychic adviser" is nothing more than an energy reading. We tune into your energy and "feel" what type of frequency you are emitting, as well as what type of energy you are attracting.

For example, if you are a rusty tuning fork, the energy you emit isn't harmonious and makes a harsh sound, and as such, you start attracting more disharmonious people, experiences, and thoughts into your life. If you are a tuning fork that is whole and balanced, your sound is pure and beautiful and attracts more of the same into your life.

Are you feeling lost or like the world is against you? Do you continuously find yourself in bad relationships or feel stuck from finding love, happiness and success? You may be a rusty tuning fork that is attracting more negativity into your life. The good news is that under all that rust, you are a beautiful musical instrument capable of bringing an entire symphony orchestra into balance.

Contact me today to schedule your psychic energy reading over the phone or in person (yes, it works over the phone, too). Together we will reveal what is out of balance in your life using a number of potential tools such as chakra balancing, spiritual cleanses, crystal energy healings, and aura readings and take the necessary steps to ensure you are vibrating at an energetic frequencies that attracts your highest potential and happiness in life.


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